Fantastic Southern Style Sweet Tea!!

Say it with me now: "Sweet Tea"
Again, with a Southern accent now!

Gooooood (I think...)

For roughly under a dollar, you can sip on 8 cups of a delicious beverage that you would normally spend several dollars a cup on. 'Impossible' you say?? I think not!

So here's what you'll:


(Yeah, That's it..)
  • 1 C. Sugar
  • 6 C. of Cold water (Doesn't need to be ice cold...)
  • 2 C. of boiling water.
  • 3 Tea Bags
  • Water holding device...
Now, I've seen, read, heard, and what have you about adding a dash of baking soda to the sweet tea. I've done it both ways and taste no difference so just save your baking soda for another time.

Now- In a small pot bring 2 cups of water to a boil along with 1 cup of sugar. Once the sugar is completely dissolved, add the tea bags until they start brewing. Allow to cool to room temperature (as to not break whatever your pouring into.) Then pour sugar water, and tea bags into the cold water.... Allow to sit for several hours to so the flavors can get to know each other, and get nice and ice cold. Then Enjoy!

 That simple!!

Extra goodies:
Want to impress a few friends? Garnish an ice cold glass with a lemon and enjoy.


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