1 Stir fry of Many!!

Here's the deal. I absolutely love making stir fry's, I mean I make them at least once a week.. But I swear, I'm not addicted!! I can stop whenever I want, I just don't feel like it right now.

Here's what you'll need for this stir fry:
  • Ginger (No more than 2 tbls)
  • Garlic (Word of the wise, you can never have too much garlic!!)
  • 1 can Baby Corn
  • 1 Can Water Chestnuts
  • Broccoli
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Carrots
  • Few pieces of Chicken
  • 1 c Rice! 
  • 2 c Water
  •  Pineapple!! (Cubes, optional)
  • If you have it, oyster sauce, or a sauce along the lines of that..

    Rice / Broccoli
    First thing is first, bring a medium pot with 2 cups of water to a boil. Once its boiling throw a cut up crown or 2 of broccoli into the water for 3 minutes allow to get bright green. Once it it bright green remove from water (but don't drain the water!) and shock it in cold water to stop the cooking process. The broccoli should be nice and soft now. Once all the broccoli is removed, return to a boil and throw the cup of rice in and allow to boil again. Once it boils again put as low as possible COVERED! and check it every-now-and-then to stir. You rice should be finished roughly 10-15 minutes (when no longer hard and all water is gone).

    Everything Else
    For the chicken, first start by cleaning the chicken (and not using the same knife/cutting board for everything.. if you do wash it before you touch veggies..) Cut the chicken into relatively same sized pieces and throw into the oil and allow to cook through. Once fully cooked, remove chicken from the oil. Once you have everything peeled start of by cutting the carrots into relatively same sized pieces and place in a LARGE pan with oil and allow to get tender (nobody likes a crunchy hot carrot :-( ..) This will turn your oil slightly orange, don't worry I see that as extra flavor! While the carrots are softening, get your numb of ginger and mince that as much as possible, along with roughly 2 cloves of garlic. Before you throw this into the pan, cut up the onions and mushrooms as well, it tends to go fast  Once the carrots are soft add the ginger, and garlic and allow mix around for maybe 30 secs. Then add the onions, and mushrooms and let them get soft too. Once those are soft get the drained can of baby carrots and cut them in half and throw those in along with water chestnuts. Heat through and then add the broccoli. Add the cooked chicken and allow to get hot again (if its cold) Finish off the stir fry by turning the heat all the way up and throwing as much soy sauce in as desired.

    Once the stir fry is finished, put the vegetables over a bed of fluffy white rice along with the chicken and enjoy!!!

    Extra Goodies!
    If you like spicy, maybe add some crushed red pepper flakes.
    Here's where that optional pineapple comes in. Once you top off the veggies with the soy sauce, throw the pineapple in and allow to get hot. The pineapple adds a sweet element to a salty food. If you don't want warm pineapple in the food, try throwing a bit of the pineapple water in. (It's good, trust me!)


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