Skittle Vodka

No; I am not an alcoholic... I am a liquor connoisseur - trust me. This recipe takes time, effort, and the ability to have a good time - with of course the vodka. I made this with a friend of mine who absolutely loves candy and to party (I mean hey, who doesn't??)

Now Here's what you need to TASTE THE RAINBOW!
  • First off a handle of Vodka
  • Large bag of Skittles ( I bought a 54oz bag)
  • 5 large empty water bottles
  • Roughly 30 coffee filters
  • 5 Glass bottles
  • A Funnel
  • 5 plastic baggies
  • a measuring cup
  • and patience.
Lets start off by completely separating the Skittles into corresponding colors in separate bags.Next measure out and fill the empty plastic bottles with roughly 12 oz of vodka. Once you have filled all of them - if you can  - count 120 of one color of Skittles (If you can't count that high, you should not be making this ಠ_ಠ...) That's roughly 6 friends who have all toes and fingers if you get confused..

Once you counted super high of each color, put those into corresponding plastic bottles.

Once you have them all filled with the rainbow, close the cap tightly and shake vigorously! Then allow all of them to sit for several hours until they look as awesome as this:

Now after this step you need to just settle down and wait. All of the Skittles to dissolve into the vodka over night. This allows you to do what everyone thinks is normal in the morning... Play with vodka. In the morning we discovered that there was a gross looking white foam. 

Well here's where you need the patience of a saint.  Take around 5 coffee filters, a funnel, and an empty cup large enough to fit to vodka and begin to strain by: Placing 5 filters into the funnel and pouring the vodka through. To say this is slow would be an understatement.
I suggest doing multiples of the same color in separate cups at the same time, to save time (if you have enough funnels). Also, the purple and orange will need more filters, or will need to be re-filtered because we discovered the foam could get through. Orange also took all night so I STRONGLY suggest to do that in 2 cups at the same time.

Once you have them all filtered and poured into the neat glass bottles, place in the freezer over night. Invite friends over for a party and taste the rainbow!! Celebrate this awesome recipe with a party, which will required you to make more at the end of!


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