Q. Who comes up with these recipes??

A. We do! We are constantly in the kitchen cooking our hearts out and throwing together what we think would be good. You may notice there's really not that many precise measurements, that's because my philosophy is "You can always add while cooking, never subtract." (Any recipe that isn't ours we give credit to!)

Q. I have a really good recipe that I think you'll enjoy, how can I get you to take a look at it??

A. Just send it over to itsbestservedhot@gmail.com. We love reading whatever is sent our way. Please remember to type up, I'm not a fan of attachments. 

Q. Why don't some of the recipes have any measurements?

A. Some of the recipes lack a measurement amount because we are so used to making them, that it just kind of comes together. This can be attributed to our grandmothers who never gave us a mathematical measurement and taught us how to eyeball it. I've learned that most recipes turn out better this way. Not only can the recipes be adjusted easily to suit your own likes, but also, they are easily adaptable for dietary needs.

More to come as they come....


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