MAN FOOD! Pulled Pork

     Leap day. Every four years we get an extra day to... well not 'do anything' because its not a holiday, and there's no tradition behind it. So fuck it. I'm claiming February 29th, it's MAN FOOD day. It is the day where we celebrate that one year isn't actually one year long, it is 365 AND ¼ days long. Meaning a day isn't one day long its 1 day + 11460. Meaning this extra day is just a remainder of time, we already lived through today. Enough science, let's do long term damage to our bodies with meat.
     I don't want to waste your time on a day that we have spend the last four years living, So this MAN FOOD will be short and only have 1 picture, because I don't want to waste our time, nothing to do with a memory card issue.


                                                       Pork Shoulder----------- 2 lbs.
                                                       Root Beer -------------- 1 Bottle (maybe)
                                                       Barbeque sauce --------  Enough

      Into a crock pot dump your pork and root beer. Given the size of your crock pot you may need to add a bit more. The level should cover 34 of the meat. Cook on medium heat for 5-7 hours. Drain all the pork nectar and mix in as much barbeque sauce as you like.
   Enjoy your rerun day.


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